Ex Digital offers end-to-end digital services. From planning to implementing and ongoing operation of your organisation's digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

We help organisations leverage digital technology to achieve their objectives.
Our digital consulting team covers digital marketing, online branding, e-commerce, customer experience, and automation.
We help our clients craft details, unique strategies that captivate audiences, convert traffic, create fans and drive growth.

Digital Development

We help organisations ‘execute” their digital strategy.
We design digital brands, develop and publish bespoke websites, and implement online shopping carts.  
We integrate social media accounts with marketing platforms. We build mobile sites and apps. Our development team’s mission: bring plans to live.

Digital Operations

We help organisations run the digital side of their business as efficiently as possible.
Our DigitalOps Services team manages digital assets, hosts websites and maintains applications performance. We ensure that digital services are accessible to clients and employees when needed.
We offer digital operations outsourcing to existing clients only.

Diversity inclusion
by design

With each project, we invest our own time to connect with the audiences. Our mission is to craft strategies, designs and campaigns that are authentic, positive and uplifting.
Above all, we will always endeavour to create works that are respectful of culture, gender, age, religion and social values of our community.

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